What the hell did WE do to celebrate OUR birthday ?


To me, there’s something wrong celebrating the day we were born.  Not only don’t we remember the occasion, there was no effort on our part to help Mom’s effort to give birth as quick as possible.  If anything, it’s our mom that went through months of effort and discomfort and often hours of pain and anger before they popped us out. OK… we did experience some jerk slapping us on our butts.  But that’s nothing in comparison to the experience our moms went through to give us life.

So here’s my proposal.  I recommend that the President compose a presidential executive order that all congratulations, celebrations, and birthday gifts, in addition to hugs and kisses be given to all Mothers on every date she gave birth to a person.

Now in all fairness to others in the family, Mother’s day will be outlawed, Father’s Day will be celebrated and Offspring Day will be celebrated by the rest of the family. All celebrations will include hugs, kisses and gifts. I’m OK with moms celebrating Offspring Day and Birthday of their kids.

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  1. Birthdays are important–especially to young children. I, like the mom above, don’t need recognition for having my children. I enjoy giving them the pleasure of parties and special times.

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